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Es Bauló Petit Hotel's Ecological

Hotel in Can Picafort

In the Es Bauló Petit Hotel we strive every day to take care of the natural paradise where our guests and ourselves are lucky enough to be located. We are an ecological hotel that has been certified by the European Community ecolabel since 2008.

We work to minimize the impact that the hotel makes on the environment by doing what we can, such as reducing the use of plastic, waste recycling, sustainable irrigation and our uniforms are made of 100% organic cotton. Can you help us to keep on doing better?

FIELDS OF ACTIONOur environmental program focuses primarily on four fundamental fields of action:
To minimize the generation of waste and facilitate its management.
To reduce the consumption of non-renewable natural resources.
To limit the risk of handling chemical products.
To implement a management system for purchasing based on environmental criteria.

These are the actions that we are carrying out to comply with the objectives stipulated in the environmental management system

We use large format, refillable toiletry products, so we avoid the enormous generation of waste that the usual formats incur.

We reduced the use of food packaging considerably, by replacing individual portions and buying in bulk.

We prioritize, whenever possible, the consumption of local products to avoid the CO2 emissions that are generated when goods are transported.

We recycle the waste generated in all our departments, paying special attention to toxic waste.

We have installed a system for switching off the apartment’s cooling system when the doors and windows are left open.

We have equipped all the rooms with a card slot for automatic switching off of lighting and electronics.

We are progressively replacing the most outdated machinery with more efficient equipment from the point of view of energy consumption.

We use a low temperature (40º) washing programme In the hotel laundry and we wash everything with organic products.

We are progressively implementing a low consumption lighting system.

All the uniforms worn by our team are made with 100% organic cotton.

All our cooking has a built-in time meter to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

We use a water tank with a maximum capacity of 40,000 litres to collect and reuse rainwater.

We use native species in the gardens to make it easier for them to adapt and flourish.

We separate the oil and grease used in the kitchen for proper recycling.

We implemented a system of irrigation in the gardens during the hours with less sunlight in order to save water.

We have started an environmental training programme for our team.


We are very proud to have achieved the European Community’s ecological certification. Thanks to the involvement of all the members of the team, we have implemented an environmental management system that is responsible for setting goals and deciding when they should be met.

EC ECOLOGY CERTIFICATION - Es Bauló Petit Hotel - Can Picafort